February 10th, 2007 + 8:02 PM  ·  EducatedGuess

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so absent lately.

The reason? Well recently I received $20,000 funding to press a proper EP and then make an album. $2000 has been dedicated to the EP and the rest to the album.

So I've been hectically busy, I've had quite a lot of other stuff on too. But basically I'm recording this EP in a week. It's called '7'. Because it will have 7 tracks on it, there will be the song 'seven' on the proceeding album and because I was born in the 7th month of 1987. I'm recording 11 tracks because I can't for the life of me decide on which 7 tracks to record and have mastered. So I'm going to record 11 and then choose from there. All 11 tracks are totally new, seven piano ones and four guitar. They are all VERY different from one another. The recordings will features vocals, piano, guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, violin, cello and trombone.

It will be finished in a month and the first pressing will be of 500 cds. The packaging is going to be really cool if it works. Basically there's this process called "flocking". What it is is millions of fibers attached to something to it gives a velvety effect. Like the inside of jewelry boxes. It's going to be a jet black cardboard case (think the jack johnson albums) the a flocked black 7 on the front. So you won't really be able to see it till you hold it up to light or feel it.

I'm going to sell it for $20NZD which works out including postage at about $15USD or Ģ8UK. And I'm going to sell it at gigs, CD stores in NZ and online.

So wish me luck guys! Thanks for everything!!! And I'll put up the songs that don't make it onto the EP on bandamp

- Chester
March 1st, 2007 + 8:03 PM  ·  ZachBlume

We so called it.


March 2nd, 2007 + 4:03 AM  ·  WritersBlock

Awesome stuff! Congratulations, good luck, I'm jealous. Are you selling on iTunes also, or just CD exports? Also, are you under the name Educated Guess, or your real name? When can we expect to hear you on the radio/see you on TV, have your name in everyone's heads and on everyone's mp3 players???

So... bandamp is going to be your dumping site for b-sides? lol

Good luck (again)



March 7th, 2007 + 12:03 PM  ·  Moses

Awesome, good luck man.
I've also so been absent quite a lot recently. But for slightly less lucritive and exciting reasons.
Good luck with the gigging and album. I would be eager to buy one but cash flow is minimal (as per always  ). If you're selling on iTunes I'll get some frinds to download as many of them as possible.
Keep the bandamp church updated and I hope you do well,
March 17th, 2007 + 11:03 PM  ·  TekMasterLuke

There you go Chesnut you're livin the dream


March 24th, 2007 + 9:03 PM  ·  EducatedGuess

If you go to my myspace, I just put a track up!


It's a track called 'School'. One of my favourites.

- Chester
May 2nd, 2007 + 6:05 PM  ·  ashary

that is beutiful!!!!!!!!! you will be the difference, take your time and donīt forget us...see you soon...rich and famous!!!!!!!!! hehe...luck!!!

Well Hello!

June 21st, 2007 + 1:06 PM  ·  xXxsaharaxXx

I read you're profile thingy and you are sooooo lucky! I learned to play guitar on a 1986 Peavey Patriot in which i would kill sum1 over, however i have always wanted and an old fashioned accustic guitar.....

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